"God made some men big and others small,

  but Samuel Colt made them all equal."


   It was Sam Colt's pistol which made men equal.

  It was the holster maker, however, who allowed

 men the convenience of transporting this equality.

And with out a good belt that holster`is worthless!

   1 1/4" and 1 1/2" PANTS BELTS:
YOU TIRE of belts that don't last? Then you need one of these! Solid and with comfortable round edges, this belt is custom-made of brown 8-10oz saddle skirting leather and lined with 4-5oz. heavy chap leather--made to last for years to come and heavy enough bear the added weight of carrying a sidearm and ammo or what ever else you want to carry on it. These pants belts are tough enough to make a great work belt or and every day belt. Prices include a # 5 or #12 heel buckle in stainless steel or brass that is attached using Chicago screws, not snaps. Check out buckle options and size ordering info here;
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